Sustainability website

Green ambition

United Brands Group strives to have a 100% sustainable office environment and our internal footprint will be 100% green by 2026. In addition, we only work with suppliers who are continuously improving sustainable ways to work, for example by using green trucks, green electricity in their factories or offices and minimal CO2 emissions.

UBG’s Footprint

Our footprint reflects the 3 levels of emissions of the organization and steps to make housing, HR, purchasing, logistics, communication, and production more sustainable. In our Environmental Improvement Plan we discuss several goals to make UBG more sustainable. This plan will be uploaded to the website as soon as it is completed. Below the footprint and chart we state important points that already ensure a more environmental-friendly UBG.

3 levels of emissions

Level 1 is the direct emission of our organization, which means emissions caused by our own sources such as company cars or production related activities. Level 2 reflects indirect emissions, which means emissions caused by generating self-purchased or consumed electricity or heat. Level 3 includes the emission caused by activities of other organizations such as investments. Or think of the emission caused by the farmers who harvest our veggies and fruit we eat during lunch, or the screws of the laptops, printers, or cellphones we use.

UBG’s footprint 2020

Relative shares of our carbon footprint

Sustainable choices

We care about the environment and labour conditions. We are proud to say that 90% of our products are produced in the Netherlands and mainland Europe. Our production facility meets the most important industry standards. Check out our social partners below:

Sedex is a membership organisation that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains. 

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.

For more than 130 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to help ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems.

Bureau Veritas is a recognized world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC).

As the first system of its kind worldwide, it has been providing nationwide collection of used sales packages and obtains raw materials from them for the closed-cycle economy.