Our barrels are available in four sizes, with three branding options. The lid can be branded as well.


a must have

Looking for stunning ways to handle your in-store promotions or attracting attention towards outdoor stands at events? Our #POSBarrel solution is unique, attractive, and will make your Products AND your brand stand out. Another great characteristic of the #POSBarrel is that you can use the inside of the barrel as storage as well.

Definitely an eye-catcher in any indoor or outdoor environment.


barrel table

#BarrelTables are a popular and practical means of showcasing brands, due to the large brandable surface, and also because tables are frequently placed where people can relax, rest, eat, drink. Isn’t it powerful to have a brand displayed on the very surface that is surrounded by people?

Choose from a variety of table top options, flashy full-colour prints or classy engraved wood. #BarrelTables are perfect to use at fairs, events, parties, in the hospitality sector and more.



#BarrelBBQs are not just any grill, but a product that lights up your brand, quite literally too!

This is THE must-have for everyone who is looking for a catchy promotional item, and an ideal product for corporate gifts, giveaways and so much more.

Basically, a fun, unique, sustainable and engaging way to showcase brands.



#BotanicalBarrels are a wonderful addition to any space that needs a splash of colour or some added personality. Most people like plants and instead of having a plain pot, you can repurpose this large surface in the way that suits your company’s needs the most.

To turn a steel drum into a #BarrelBotanical, we add a shallow tub that hangs in the barrel. This way, the barrel is not too heavy and it can be moved around easily.

#Seat Barrels


#BarrelSeats are a total eye-catcher and they come either with an open lid, ideal for storage, or sealed for a slicker look. Comfortable, unique and with an excellent surface for branding. They are excellent on their own but are even better when paired with a matching #BarrelTable.

The seat comes standard with a black leather-look cushion, but you can pick from 15+ colours upon request.



#BarrelBins are always a win. Everybody needs a bin and when you can use this large surface to showcase brands, incentives or a message from sponsors, this typically monotonous object becomes a powerful communication tool. They also come with a variety of accessories and lids, including a flame-retardant lid and more.